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Tiger SSR's and DMX Controllers

Tiger DMX DC Controllers.

The Tiger DMX DC controllers are designed for use with DC Low voltage Christmas lights.

The 48 channel controller can work from 12v to 55v DC and is powered by the same voltage as lights and can switch up to 2.5A per channel with a max load for each 24 channels of 30 Amps. You could control 45,000 red leds at 24v over 48 channels!

The 120 channel controller has been optimised for use with RGB Led strings. Voltage range 12v to 36v DC. It can switch up to 100mA per channel allowing you to control over 3000 RGB leds at 24v over 120 channels.

Both of the above controllers accept standard DMX512A. Start channels are software settable and stored in local eeprom.
Boards also feature 1Mb of onboard memory for the storage of future hardware based dimming curves.

A lot of people ask why DC. Well DC for low voltage christmas lights, especially LED based lights, just makes sense and is easier to set up and for the big thing.............. it's CHEAPER than using transformers.
Switchmode DC power supplies are 10% to 30% cheaper than the same size transformer in Australia.

Click on the Controllers link to learn more.

Tiger SSR Boards

Current there is only one SSR board in the Tiger range and that is a dual power input 16 Channel SSR.
Using recommended components and an user supplied heatsink for the triacs the SSR board can handle 25A per 8 Channels. An average of 3A per channel. Current will be limited by your outlet circuit and supply wiring.

Input control signals are 5v Sink compatible to work with popular DIY lighting controllers such as Lynx Freestyle and Renard Series.
Input is via vertical RJ45 connectors.

For further information click on the SSR Boards link.